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So They Say Promo (FREE T-SHIRT from the band) [Sep. 25th, 2007|04:25 pm]

Hey Guys!!

We need your help promoting the release of our new album "Life In Surveillance"
If you help us we will give you a free t-shirt! The person with the most screen shots will receive a hoodie and a T-shirt!

Post the banner (see HTML code below) on 75 comments or different places on the web. Take a Screen shot,save it in a word doc and email it to us at Fearlesspromotions@gmail.com subject line: SO THEY SAY PROMOTING
We will verify you posted all the banners and we will send you a free t-shirt. You'll need to include your address as well.

We want to see it on bands with lots of friend's pages, blog sites, on your own myspace page and in bulletins. Other bands we tour with (Atreyu, Haste The Day) If Html comments are not allowed please put this on the comment.

"Check out So They Say www.myspace.com/sotheysay They have a new album coming out on 10/9/07 you can preorder it online at Smartpunk.com merchnow.com or interpunk.com If you want to wait to buy it in the stores it will be available at hot topic for $9.99"

Good luck!!!
Go to So They Say's Myspace for the HTML code and more info. www.myspace.com/sotheysay